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SCLSS Software, helping our clients help those who matter most…their clients!

Who we are

We are committed to the core values of the SCL / MPW wavier program.
All people have value and dignity, deserve respect and the right to make choices in their lives. Our solution empowers SCL / MPW providers to best achieve individual goals allowing a person to live and thrive in their chosen community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with state licensed SCL / MPW providers by implementing a software solution that drives best in business service potential for client Growth, Development and Learning. We empower providers to focus on what matters most; Person first, impact service that changes lives every day.

We are Secure


SCLSS complies with the rules and regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) through our Service Agreement and a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with the Covered Entity.


SCLSS respects your privacy and is committed to protecting all personal information that our clients provide. Our protects your important information and files with military-grade encryption.

Cloud Based

SCLSS software is easy and flexible to implement and/or upscale our solution quickly, efficiently and most importantly cost effectively to meet our client’s ever demanding and changing infrastructure and business needs!

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What We Offer

The time has come for SCL providers to utilize best in business class technology.
Explore our solution set below:

Time-Tracking Time-Tracking

Automated Data Collection

SCLSS Software solutions automated data collection process allows our clients the ability to have their direct care professionals securely submit vital information via secure online daily data log submissions.

Daily Log of Activities Daily Log of Activities

Direct Care Staff Management

SCLSS Software solution will put you at ease knowing that with a click of a mouse, or the press of the keyboard you can easily and readily view any direct care staff information related to time management, client scheduling, activity tracking, vacation and sick day scheduling, and more!

Scheduling & Accountability Scheduling & Accountability

Real Time

SCLSS Software solution allows you to take a real time look into your business with key data collection and reporting in areas critical to the success of your business such as payroll, State Medicare billing, client summaries, audit compliance and much more!

Reporting Automation Reporting Automation

Security and Compliance

SCLSS Software solution is certified on the latest HIPAA compliance regulations and that all data collected and stored on behalf of our clients is secured utilizing proven standards-based PGP technology.

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Information Technology Solutions for your SCL Business

What is SCL / MPW?

The Supports for Community Living waiver program is a home and community based program funded by the Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services and administered by DDID. The focus of SCL is to allow a person to live and thrive in their chosen community. Supports for Community Living offers various supports and services. All are tailored to the individual's goals, choices and priorities as identified through an individual support plan.


By removing administrative and manual barriers the SCLSS solution for SCL allows providers to focus on what matters most; Person first, impact service that changes lives every day. The SCLSS solution is Secure, accessible, paperless and automated. The time has come for SCL providers to utilize best in business class technology. The SCLSS solution set for time, activity and DCS management is very simple to use. By allowing direct care staff the ability to check-in remotely and utilize an online and secure form portal extremely valuable data is collected with only a few clicks of a mouse. No more completing manual timesheets or daily logs, no more late night mailbox drops, stacks of faxes or emails… no more manual calculation of hours or rushed / missed payroll submission and billing deadlines… automated, on time, every time.

The SLCSS Advantage:

The SCLSS solution set drives accountability. Agency Executive Directors will have clear and immediate access to when and how service is being applied in the field. Live and Graphical reporting allows management to quickly evaluate the efficacy of the service and feed key details to Case Managers. SCLSS SCL Providers have a clear and competitive advantage in the industry. Administrative cost is dramatically reduced and overall service improves.

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